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An unforgettable culinary experience embracing the Acropolis. Capturing the Athens taste, soul & emotions.
The rooftop all-day bar & restaurant set on the fifth floor is the hotel’s ‘pièce de résistance’, Overlooking the Athenian panorama, untouched captivating landmarks and vivid moments. Cultivating an exceptional savoir-faire with the finest ingredients. Celebrating the essence of graceful indulgence.

Lunch 13.00 – 16.30 | Dinner 19.00 – 23.00


Walk into an alluring art-filled atmosphere, welcoming lovers of beautiful and deliberate things to Le Salon of our Hotel Maison . Guests are enthralled by a collective aesthetic experience, viewing and exploring original art pieces from Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, designer works by François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, 18th century antiques. Assorted coffees, herbs & teas, wines & spirits, delish canapes & a heavenly patisserie in a welcoming space exuding warmth and delight.

Open: 10.00 – 22.00



LIBRARY                                       BAR

Intimate & seductive, Le Bar Secret is a hidden jewel box of a Library-Bar. A truly exclusive ambiance of art-filled walls, table de service objects and rare books sparkle next to one of the finest spirit collections in the city.

The Library of Le Bar Secret is the perfect cocoon in which to share glamorous tête-à-têtes or cosy moments. The space evokes a blend of timeless elegance and seduction, with Dolli’s collection of rare art. The Bar is a timeless place which pays homage to the rare and refined. Inspired cocktails, wines, champagnes & rare spirits are paired with intricate flavours, unique chocolates, and all kinds of delicacies.


A breath-taking, private spot, adorned with lush cushions, whimsical sunshades blending into the view. The infinity pool offers a mesmerizing glimpse of the ancient world of Athens, creating an urban oasis for locals and visitors alike. Whether it’s an intimate rendezvous or a lively aperitivo with friends, this space will redefine your moments.

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